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VPU is introducing you the REMOTE FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

FATs are crucial to make sure that all software functionalities and requirements of our clients are met. In the past, FATs were executed "face-to-face" with our clients but, in the outburst of pandemic COVID-19, we introduced a remote method for our FATs. Now, there is no need to be on the location to perform a factory acceptance test. We have a smart and simple alternative to connect with our customers, protecting their health and meeting their requirements.

How the REMOTE FAT is done?

Remote FAT is done by following the below mentioned procedure at VPU:

· We use third party software such as Microsoft Teams to get in touch with our customers during the pandemic.

· After that we and our clients are connecting to the virtual server where we have designed the application software.

· As soon as we are all connected, the testing process starts.

· The customers will go through the lists of their requirements, and we will check if everything functions as described in their documentation.

· Fixes for misunderstood or incorrect process are carried out.

· The clients can also request control and go through the equipment to do some additional testing if needed.

Work as One and Test Remotely

It is now effortless to participate in testing and designing and developing for multiple users and clients, for they don’t have to travel through the large distances to reach the location. VPU is proud of its team that can arrange such an important testing procedures like Factory Acceptance Tests.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible services to our customers, reaching for us now, and benefiting from our services!

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