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*if you are reading this,

You are at the right place


We all know that summer is the most exciting season, with all the beautiful seaside beaches, blazingly hot sun, ice cold beers and beautiful bikini ladies, but if you are a real engineer - you don't like nor need this!

That's why we are inviting you to join our engineering challenge and spend one exciting month of your not so exciting life with us - for free!

VPU QUADRATHON is the first of it's kind engineering competition where teams of young, motivated and not fully alchololized(yet) students will compete in 4 weeks challenge. Of course as every competition there will be winners and loosers. Oh, wait! Actually there won't be any loosers since the knowledge you gain during this challenge will definitely be helpful. And there will be free beer also, so it is basically a win win deal.

What tf is that?

Why tf should I join?

Student in Library

As we said - this is a competition and as every other competition, there are wining prizes. The winners will have the chance to join our highly experienced, good looking, promising and very funny team. Shortly - we will offer you a job in our company! You can become one of the core members of our fast developing company and as that, you will have the chance to travel internationally and get paid, learn a shit ton of engineering skills, work in very fancy office space and last but not least - you will prove your friends and parents that you are not the lazy piece of shit they think you are.

So far you are probably thinking - ok, but I still don't get it. Don't worry, neither do we!


Let's go quickly throughout the rules.

Starting date

Aug 16th 2021

Competition starts with detailed briefing about our company and the following challenges.


4 Weeks

Beginning of each week you will receive the new challenge.


4 Major

Challenges are split between hardware, software, project organization, budgeting and soft skills.


VPU fancy office

Most of the challenges will take place in our office, located near metro station, bus stops and big mall.


VPU Team

Our team will guide you throughout the challenges and track your performance.


Point system

The ranking will be determined via point system and overall evaluation.


Job offer

The winning team will receive a job offer at VPU. There are other awards for the rest of the competitors.


What do we need from you?

Just bring your body, positive vibes and your laptop.

Well, if you bring some beers, nobody will be mad at you.

How can I participate?

Register yourself for the event below, fill the needed information and voala. Simple as that.

*This event can also be counted as your required summer internship.

16 авг, 9:00
Can you make it?
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