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VPU is starting strategical cooperation with Technical University - Sofia

We are constantly looking to expand our team with some of the most bright and young minds in our country. The collaboration with the best technical university in Bulgaria is another key step in the growth of our company.

On our latest event at Technical University - Sofia, we presented the idea of the first of its kind engineering competition that we are hosting for second year - The VPU QUADRATHON


First of all, let's understand what VPU Quadrathon is. It is one of the first, unique and innovative kinds of competition. Yes, you heard that right. It is a competition among engineers. In this Quadrathon, young, passionate and motivated students will compete in 4 week challenges.

The students will be contestants in this challenge, compete in teams and the winning teams will receive job offer. As it is obvious that every type of competition has losers and winners. But, VPU Quadrathon will only have winners, and there won't be any losers. That is because the knowledge and experience that future engineers are going to get here will be helpful in many dimensions of their career.


Our main goal is to attract young and motivated engineers to join our company, by showing them what exactly we do as highly experienced engineers. What are the pros and the cons of our work. How we operate and how we communicate as one big family. On the other side, during the 4 weeks competition the participants can taste the feeling of being an engineer at VPU and decide, weather they are a good fit for the company or not. We are strong believers that is extremely important each member of our company to be motivated, satisfied and passionate about their work.


We aim to build very high quality engineering manpower and our process of finding the right people cannot fit in the standard norms. We strongly believe that job interviews, CV-s and summer internships are too retro for us and we are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to find the best fits for our company.

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