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VPU engineering team has now moved into the new office!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Top-notch location, blazingly fast Internet, abundant natural light, custom-made desks, state-of-the-art AC/ventilation system, game rooms, meeting rooms, eating rooms, lots of rooms - all set in an industrial interior.

Transformed into an industrial beauty.

The office space preserves the rough industrial feel of the factory floor, with a dose of warmth and freshness. Using playful colors and a mixture of natural materials such as wood, steel, and leather, a homey working space is suitable for work and leisure.

The best location in town.

The perfect location of our Sofia office saves tons of commuting time. It is close to dozens of restaurants, sport centers, grocery stores, a shopping mall, a park, and a metro station. Everything is 5 min away. No more excuses for not working out, fella.

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