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How VPU is operating during CoVID19 home quarantine?

The world is stalled in self-isolation and panic. Productions have stopped exporting the goods, all the borders are closed down, the airports have stopped working in many countries, all the transport modes even between the cities have been cancelled. Self-isolating, being in quarantine as well as working from home, has become a truth and reality.

Making sure our team is handling their health correctly while keeping our company goals as well as work schedules on track could be a scary task— particularly when you want to get everything set up in a few days. Here is how VPU is operating from home during COVID19 home quarantine.

Online workshops, training and webinars:

VPU is keeping the team on a high technical level even throughout the home offices, with online workshops, training and webinars. We are conducting online workshops and training so that our employees could work at their home during this COVID19 outbreak and provide our customers with the best services.

Established Work-space

A dedicated work-space is a crucial part of working from the home. By setting apart a zone that is your “professional area,” you will automatically slip into the working mode each and every time you sit down. That is why VPU workers have set up a work-space at their home during COVID19 home quarantine. We are working hard to provide our customers with best-uninterrupted services during the virus outbreak.

Replicated the Office Environment

If you are used to work in a proper office, and you took too much time to bring together a workstation there to the working, it might help to imitate that setting in your work-from-home zone. Each of our team member at VPU has tried to replicate the office environment in their home so that our customers will get top class services even during the quarantine.

Setting Up a Schedule

The COVID-19 emergency is freaking out many project managers as well as other people who think and believe that work can’t be complete at highest efficiency unless everybody is actually in the office and capable of contributing in day-to-day stand-ups. Everyone in the VPU team has set up a schedule during COVID19 home quarantine so that the tasks are completed on time in the best way without any interruption.

Sticking to our Goals

Yes, we are in a crisis. Yes, it is normal to feel out-of-sorts, freaked, and even unhappy over everything going on. However, it is vital that we stick to our deliverable's as well as our goals. The VPU team is following their goals during the COVId19 home quarantine. We are providing our employees with the required tools and hardware so that they don’t have to be worried about anything and can focus on serving our valuable clients.

Check-in Constantly

When working remotely, it is very easy and simple to wind up stuck in a bubble of your own making. That is why everyone is trying to update the team members frequently on everything they are doing. At the same time, they are also communicating with the teammates regularly to deliver the best results.

VPU is taking the home office job as serious as our real engineering job. We are motivated and ready to go back to our normal working places with more knowledge and high work quality. Get in touch with us to get the best and high-quality services.

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